Craigslist: Vertical Competitors Pic Updated

I've been working on a full post about Craigslist this week and was going to link to this awesome pic from an blog post by Andrew Parker that he wrote in 2010 titled "The Spawn of Craigslist".

I wanted to create my own version for a few reasons: 1) that pic was made in 2010, so a bit outdated 2) it's a bit limited in scope and 3) I wanted to point out who Craigslist competes with in each section, not just which companies spawned to compete directly with Craigslist in a vertical. That's why I included sites like Reddit and Hackernews in this pic: no one would argue that they were created to be Craigslist "discussion" section competitors, but they nevertheless divert some discussions that might have happened on Craigslist to their platforms instead. 

So ya, I'm going to be providing some context to why I created this pic later this week, but for now here it is. If you're interested in using it for your own purposes, please just give me a shout-out and link, if not let me know how I can improve it. You can make comments on HN here.

UPDATE: Pour out a little liquid for Ridejoy, who announced today they're shutting'er down.